About Us

Who We Are: The Austin-Round Rock Metro Area's paranormal investigation team. By using the latest tools and techniques of paranormal investigating we seek to document and explain paranormal activity. We provide services to clients who are experiencing paranormal activity in their home or workplace.

Our Mission:  To observe and document paranormal activity that is occurring in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area and surrounding areas. We are here for our community as a place to go to learn more about the paranormal and its presence in our city. Austin Paranormal Investigations is a place free of prejudices and for our fellow citizens to find someone who will listen to their experiences with the paranormal. We are here to provide consultation to people who are experiencing paranormal activity and provide options to deal with its existence.

Our Vision: To become a leading paranormal investigation organization in Texas.

What We Provide: Consulting Services, Investigating Services, Information On The Paranormal

Interested in joining us? We are always interested in hearing from local paranormal investigators who are serious about joining a professional paranormal team. Head over to: Our Team page where you will find more information on joining us. 

Experiencing paranormal activity at your home or workplace? We are here to listen and understand what you are going through. This is your place to feel comfortable talking about the paranormal activity that is occurring. Head over to our Contact page to find more information on how to contact us for help and understanding.

Want to know more about what we do and the paranormal activity we have been documenting throughout the Austin-Round Rock Metro Area? 

Our public forum is here for you to contact us. Even if it is simply to learn more about us or ask a question about the paranormal. Visit our public forum: http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Paranormal-Investigations/messages/boards/forum/20002355

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