Contacting Austin Paranormal Investigations

We want to hear from you Austin-Round Rock! We are your place to talk about the paranormal, answer your questions, and provide any assistance we can. Talking about the paranormal can be difficult sometimes but be assured that we believe you and look forward to hearing all about your paranormal encounters. One of our goals is to document paranormal activity in the Austin-Round Rock Metro area and we can not do it without help from you.

Austin Paranormal Investigations is happy to assist college students with projects, papers, reports, or any other academic assignment pertaining to the paranormal. Just send us a message and we can arrange a time and place to meet if necessary. Sometimes students can even join us on an investigation as part of a research assignment!

(All investigation participants must be 18 years of age or older. Attending an investigation is at the sole discretion of API. Any transportation, fees, or other costs are the responsibility of the attendee. Damage and liability waivers may apply.)

We are available to speak at events or gatherings, provide news reports prior or during investigations, and happy to assist with just about any paranormal related activity. All you need to do is ask.

Please send us a message, and if you want to hear back from us then someone on our team WILL contact you back promptly.

We will try to reply to you as soon as we can. Please expect 48-72 hours for replies.
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The Austin Paranormal Investigations Process
We are here to ease the curiosity or fear one has with the Paranormal. We do this by using our experience and the use of custom breakthrough paranormal equipment developed by Paranologies. Once you contact us about a case, our case manager will email you back within 24 hours to schedule an on the phone interview. During the on phone interview we will discuss the claims and answer any questions you need. This will help us determine how we can help, and if you need an investigation. Remember our investigations are always free. Why do we do this? There are a number of reasons. We like to help those who are fearful or curious of the Paranormal to find answers that can help. We also have our own questions, and by doing research these can be answered further. Once we schedule an investigation we will travel to the location (usually between 9pm) setup our equipment (takes about 30 minutes to an hour) and go dark. This not only means turning off all the lights, but anything that would contaminate our audio or video. We have a custom built command center that investigators and clients will be at during the investigation to observe not only with video but with audio as well. If you want a guest to join you, please only invite one as this will help with less contamination of evidence. We ask that only the home or business owners be present during the investigation with only one guest if needed. If you have children they are welcome to be there at the parents discretion. We know it may seem fun to have guests over, but this will be a serious investigation as we strive to bring you our best opinion of your location. We are not a removal service, we can only give you our opinion of what we think is going on at your location. Once we have this information we can get you in contact with someone that can help. We will try to find everyday occurrences that would cause the claims, then if we are left with something unexplainable we will show you our evidence. We always have video to back up any audio evidence we share with you to give it more credibility. Within about 2-3 weeks we will have answers for you, sooner depending on our case load or a case that needs immediate attention. During our review of footage we will be there as well to help out with anything you may need. We look over footage in real time as if we did the investigation again. This is to make sure we don’t miss anything. Most cases require over 150 hours of review. After review we will then call to setup a reveal time. The reveal will either be done with emailed private links to your evidence or a phone call if nothing has been found. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we understand we are dealing with real people, with real problems. Thank you
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