Austin Paranormal Investigations - Core Team:

Bill Pappin (President & Team Manager)
Bill has been investigating the paranormal for over a decade. He is sensitive to the spiritual energies around him, but uses the latest in technological tools and equipment alongside his ability to “feel” the energies  during investigations to aid his investigators. Bill has had experiences since he was a child and they continue to this day. He has many beliefs that guide him on his quest to understand what lies beyond this world to the next.
Ken Jolly (Adviser & Principal Investigator)
Ken has been investigating the paranormal for more than 30 years. He has written two successful books and had been a lead investigator for Austin's former T.A.P.S. family member. He founded and lead Austin's premier investigation team Paranormal Investigative Experts before joining us as our most senior investigator and adviser on the paranormal.
Debbie Weber (Co-Vice President & Lead Investigator)
Debbie believes that there is another realm to our existence and many ways it presents itself.  She feels that her commitment to learning and a positive understanding of the paranormal will enhance this group's honest and truthful search for answers/proof of the paranormal.
Jennifer Flinton (Case Manager & Investigator)
Jennifer has been participating in paranormal investigations since 2011.  Her preference is to use her senses on investigations versus equipment.  She believes, that like us, living people and spirits come in all personality types. Jennifer knows that her training as a counselor will be useful on investigations so she makes an emotional connection with spirits rather than interrogate or provoke them.
Ellen McGee (Case Manager & Investigator)
Ellen has been participating in paranormal investigations 2016.  She is a skeptic but is eager to believe in the possibility of the spirits that surround us.
Brittany Shelbon (Vice President, Case Manager & Lead Investigator)
Brittany has been participating in paranormal investigations since 2015. She is a skeptic but has a strong desire to expand her belief in the afterlife.
Sandra Lopez (Investigator)
Sandra started investigating in 2012 and has been learning a lot about paranormal investigating techniques with different paranormal groups along the way. Sandra likes tho learn the different ways to gather evidence from these experiences to either explain or verify the paranormal occurrence. Sandra believes that most people, herself included have a story to tell that can't be explained and that is what keeps her interested in paranormal investigation. 
Barbara Flanigan (Intuitive)
Barbara is a strong intuitive that is a big help to our team, she helps with calls to perspective clients and does remote readings. she has been an intuitive since a child and is sensitive to the spirits around her.
Alice Rodriguez (Medium & Private Investigation Case Manager)
Alice is a strong Medium and like Barbara she is a big part of the API team, she works with the team to do remote readings of prospective clients and interviewing new clients, like Barbara she is also a lifetime intuitive and is also a Investigator with the team.
Jeff Krueger (Founder)
Jeff has been investigating the paranormal with many public and private investigating groups for almost two decades. Experience has shown him that something paranormal is happening; his goal now is trying to find out why.

Austin Paranormal Investigations - Research Team:

We are currently seeking new members to join our research team. The API research team is the first stop on a path to joining us. Research members attend paranormal investigating workshops to learn more about the field and meet others on the team. We select from our Research Team when needing to fill extra spots at real investigations. Our Research Team members play an important part in Austin Paranormal Investigations by helping with activities such as scouting new locations and reviewing recordings for evidence. We generally select new Core Team members from the Research Team when openings become available.

Interested in joining Austin Paranormal Investigations Research Team? Let us know by sending us a message:

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